Teeth Whitening at Home

When it comes to home teeth whitening kits, Crest3D Whitestrips are my favorite! I always tell my patients to to look for the ones labeled Luxe Professional Effects. They cost a little more than the others but the results are well worth it! The box comes with 40 strips for the upper and lower arches. Strips should be applied for 30 minutes for a period of 20 days and you may even start seeing results as early as 3 days. 

Concentrated at 10% hydrogen peroxide, Crest3D Whitestrips are enamel safe and can remove 14 years of stains (learn more about how teeth collect stains) to brighten teeth dramatically for a whole year. They also come packaged with 2 bonus 1 Hour Express treatments, which are great for big celebrations like holiday parties, weddings, or birthdays! (The 1 hour treatments are stronger and should not be used daily.)

Pre-Treatment. Before you start your application, consider these tips to reduce sensitivity, which is the most common side effect of teeth bleaching: a.) Brush with Sensodyne for two weeks prior to whitening and throughout treatment and b.) Apply Vitamin E Oil to lips to keep them well moisturized and protected from the peroxide.

Instructions. Follow these steps for best results:

Always wash hands before and after application.It is suggested not to apply strips to freshly brushed teeth because they adhere better when used otherwise.Do not peel off the strip until you are ready to use it. Apply the gel coated surface to your teeth, align it with the gum line, then wrap the bottom part of the strip onto the backside of the teeth. Remove after 30 minutes, as directed. Rinse or brush teeth with lukewarm water.  Show off your smile! (Read more on simple beauty tricks for a brighter smile.)

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