Making the Cut | Presenting My Oral Care Children's Book to Penn Dental

Last week, I had a most invigorating opportunity to present my new book Making the Cut to Penn Dental Medicine Department of Pediatrics! Years ago, when I first entered Penn dental school, I had a very contracted view of what the profession entailed. Surely, I understood that dentists diagnose, treat, and prevent dental disease but I didn't realize that we essentially serve as ambassadors of oral health in every aspect of our lives.

As I presented my BrightWhites brand, I reflected on the many different posts I've been able to serve on my own path in dentistry. In private practice, I performed the typical role of a dentist in an office. In Germany, providing care for the military, I became an expert in the treatment of patients working in areas of compromised oral hygiene. When my son arrived, I became a resource for new mothers with whom I encountered in playgroups.

Now as an author, I have learned how to effectively introduce storylines to inspire good oral care alongside child development. In dentistry, our preps are guided by fine lines and parameters, but most refreshing to our practice is that as an art and a science it is crafted by many dimensions.I'm so excited to introduce Making the Cut, our first storybook from BrightWhites! Making the Cut is available in paperback and digital formats from CreatespaceAmazon, and Barnes & Noble