How to Keep Your Holiday Smile Bright

The holiday season is a time for celebration, which also means pressure to keep your smile bright! Between the punch bowl, glasses of red wine, chocolate fountains, or even your favorite latte, stains on your teeth can become hard to hide during the winter fun! Below are some tips to help you keep your teeth white and breath fresh for good company and cheer:

1. Brush teeth after breakfast, just before your leave home. Most people routinely brush right after waking up but if you can delay this until after breakfast, you'll actually get a head start on keeping bacteria level low and fresher breath until midday.

2. Rinse with water after consuming beverages. This simple step is not only good for digestion and hydration but also helps dilute coloring agents that often get locked into the enamel rods of our teeth.

3. Use an on-the-go oral care tool like the Moon Teeth Whitening Pen. Flavored with vanilla mint and made from other natural ingredients like honeysuckle flower extract and lavender oil, this product not only whitens teeth in seconds but company proceeds go towards supporting healthy smiles all over the world! Shop today and get a FREE Moon Clean Floss for orders over $30.

4. Freshen breath with sugarfree gum. Chewing Trident for 20 minutes after meals has been proven to effectively fight cavities by the American Dental Asociation. The sugar substitute Xylitol is tooth friendly and the chewing mechanism stimulates salivary production, which helps neutralize acids in the mouth.

Cookie tins and candy canes are in abundance at this time of the year. In general, brushing after mealtime is encouraged to keep your mouth healthy and teeth at their brightest. Maintaining the triad of oral care to include tooth brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste along with flossing and rinsing is the best way to sparkle during the holidays!